Thomas Rhett’s Parties Always End Up Where Yours Do Too

Thomas Rhett’s Parties Always End Up Where Yours Do Too

Do you have a big family that shows up for the holidays?

Thomas Rhett says that his house is like Grand Central Station on a normal day, “I mean there’s literally so many people in our house on a daily basis, whether it’s our friends or our family, our house seems to be the central location where people want to hang out.”

But when it comes to the holidays, that traffic is kicked up a notch. Big Christmas parties are a tradition that come from his wife, that they are carrying on, “Lauren’s house that she grew up in was always the house that kids went over to.  Thanksgiving they always had people over and they always had the biggest ugly sweater Christmas parties in the world.  So, even since we got married, we have continued to have this party, and it grows and grows and grows and grows.”

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins


Thomas adds, “Obviously in 2020 this party’s gonna look a little bit different, but we just love having people in our house.”

It doesn’t matter whether is a small or larger crowd though, there’s always one spot everyone gravitates to, “We always seem to hang out in the kitchen for some reason.  So sometimes, you know, especially last year, we had 60-some-odd people just packed into our kitchen for a Christmas party.  And so I would say our house is kind of the central location for a hangout.”

While Thomas and Lauren might not be throwing the holiday party they are use to in their own home, a few weeks ago they did host a party for everyone to attend, the CMA Country Christmas TV special. 

That’s where Thomas shared this holiday track, check out “Christmas In Country…

Thomas & Lauren Photo Credit: Katie Kauss-CMA
Thomas Photo Credit: John Shearer